About Us

FSCJ believes in the importance of investing in our diverse organization by fostering a culture of positive leadership and growth. Through competency-based training and professional development for all faculty and staff, we gain the ability to hone the knowledge and skills necessary to perform assigned duties and responsibilities, while also forwarding the mission, vision and values of our College.

Training and Organizational Development

  • Supports improved performance through career stages
  • Includes both group and individualized learning opportunities
  • Advances the skills and knowledge of employees
  • Focuses on applicability
  • Informs ongoing improvement in role performance
  • Utilizes all modalities for accessibility

The Team

  • Marc Boese - Executive Director of Organizational Development
  • Brenda Baldree - Administrative Assistant II
  • Steve Beard - Training and Development Coordinator
  • Barbara Moyer - Training and Development Specialist
  • Martina Perry - Training and Development Coordinator
  • Lena Gilbert - Training and Development Specialist

Email Us: hrtraining@fscj.edu