The Academy of Teaching and Learning at FSCJ supports full-time and part-time faculty in their growth as professional educators and life-long learners. By promoting the values of the College - excellence in teaching and learning, integrity, creativity, respect for diversity and a culture of honesty and trust - we work to enhance and connect the expertise of the faculty to create an organizational environment that promotes learning at all levels and provides high-quality education for FSCJ students.

Who We Are

A diverse team of faculty leaders representing their respective Schools to gather input from colleagues and to create professional development that is meaningful, accessible, and connected to the professional development competencies of the College.

What We Do

The Academy provides learning opportunities that are connected to foundational and innovative classroom methods, research-based practices and college-wide conversations on teaching and learning.

What We Offer

  • Orientation and mentoring for newly hired faculty
  • Guidance for faculty towards continuing contract
  • Networking and support for adjunct faculty
  • Colloquia on teaching pedagogy/androgogy and methodology
  • Innovative education fellowships and excellence in teaching awards
  • Collaborative spaces for faculty learning communities
  • Networks for sharing resources for learners
  • Diverse pathways for guided and self-directed professional development