Diversity Certificate


The knowledge and skills necessary to navigate an increasingly diverse campus and interconnected world are substantial. The Diversity Certificate is designed to equip faculty and staff with a variety of tools and resources necessary to address the challenges and maximize the potential of a diverse campus through workshops, seminars and trainings.

The certificate program is a year-long, cohort-based certification that is approved for the One Step Incentive at FSCJ. Come learn and grow with us!


  • Curriculum

    Cornerstone Hours Capstone Hours
    PD 2606
    B.E.A.D Part I
    1.5 PD 2607
    B.E.A.D Part II
    PD 2608
    Working with Diverse Populations
    3 PD 1546
    Sustaining an Inclusive Environment
    PD 2601
    Diversity in the Classroom
    1 PD 2605
    Implicit Bias
    PD 2604
    ELECTIVE COURSES (Choose 4 Hours)
    Course Hours Course Hours
    PD 7408
    Understanding ADA & Disability Support Services
    3 PD 5302
    Safe Space Ally
    PD 5136
    Safe Space Basics
  • Completion Requirements

    To successfully complete the program, the employee must:

    • Complete 14 hours of required courses
    • Complete 4 hours of elective courses
  • How to Enroll

    To enroll in courses that are currently available for this program:

    1. Click the button below to log into myLearning and view the courses that are currently available for this program:

    View the Courses

    2. Hover your cursor over any course card. Click the "Enroll" or “View Session” button. Then click “Register.”

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  • How to Track Certificate Completion

    If you would like to track the courses you have completed for this certificate, log into myLearning (https://bridge.fscj.edu) and view the courses listed under the “Completed” section on the myLearning tab. You can compare your completed courses to the list of courses that are required for this certificate. Note: To see the full course titles, click the View icon at the top right of the screen and select “List”.

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  • Digital Credential / Badging

    We provide a verifiable and secure digital credential for this certificate completion, symbolized by a badge that is sharable with career networks. The digital badge serves to signal achievement to current and/or potential employers; to motivate engagement and collaboration; and to build upon and formalize identity, reputation, and value within educational and professional communities.

    To learn how to earn, view, share, or verify a badge, click here for the "How-To Guides" at the Center 4 Credentialing Excellence webpage.