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Welcome to the Faculty Resource Repository page. Here you will find useful tools and tips to assist you in creating educational content in the classes you instruct. This page will be updated periodically and as new information and documents become available. If you are looking for a specific item and are unable to find it here, please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Online Teaching

  • Engagement

    Creating a Social Presence in online courses from Dr. Susan Nash:  Link 1, Link 2

    Delivering High-Quality Instruction Online in Response to COVID–19, Faculty Playbook:  Link

    Discipline-specific Online Learning Tools, Communication:  Link

    Discipline-specific Online Learning Tools, Communication (second session):  Link

    Discipline-specific Online Learning Tools, Education/Health and Human Services:  Link

    Discipline-specific Online Learning Tools, Mathematics:  Link

    Discipline-specific Online Learning Tools, Science:  Link

    Faculty Exchange-- Resources for teaching (online and face-to-face modalities):  Link

    Humanizing Online Education with Social Presence:  Link

    Improving Online Teaching and Learning through Disruption:  Link

    NISOD's Online Toolkit for timely online teaching best practices with the objective to help students successfully transition to a mainly online environment:  Link

    WebEx open access course-- Learn how to use WebEx in many ways, including business uses (Meetings/Personal Rooms), using WebEx in Canvas for meetings and office hours, and find links to content that can be downloaded from Commons and added to a course to instruct students on using the tool:  Link

    Why You Shouldn’t Try to Replicate Your Classroom Teaching Online:  Link

    Workshop video series on engaging students synchronously:  Link

  • Health/Safety

    COVID-19 Pandemic Information and Resources:  Link

    Five Myths About Remote Teaching in the Covid-19 Crisis:  Link

    Results from Top Hat’s COVID-19 Student Survey about Online Learning:  Link


Communications for Student Success