The College offers many professional development courses though Continuing Education that can help further your career here at FSCJ. The College will waive tuition and matriculation fees for FSCJ employees taking Continuing Education courses at the College. Additionally, the College has developed a listing of Continuing Education classes that will count toward the one step salary increase. For purposes of this procedure, 15 hours of instruction will equal one credit hour.

How FSCJ employees sign up for Continuing Education courses:


Identify the course(s) that you want to take. Search for Face-To-Face classes or for online courses through our partnership with Ed2Go or AMA. ((NOTE: To take advantage of the one percent salary incentive, be sure to scroll down on this page and review the listing of approved Continuing Education courses.)


Complete the Payroll Deduction Authorization form. (NOTE: This form needs to be completed only once each semester)


Scan and email the Payroll Deduction Authorization form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. In your email be sure to include the name of the course(s) that you want to take. Online courses through Ed2Go and AMA are offered on a continual basis, therefore please include the month that you would like to enroll in the class. (Please allow 10 business days for processing)


Once the form is processed, Continuing Education will send you an email confirming your enrollment.



Applied Project Management Certification (48 hours) Project Management Fundamentals (12 Hours)
Lean Six Sigma: Yellow Belt (12 ours) Lean Six Sigma: Yellow to Green Belt (71 hours)
Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt (59 hours) Business Writing Academy (24 hours)
BWA I: Grammar Refresher (8 hours) BWA II: Business Writing Styles (4 hours)
BW III: Proofreading (4 hours) BWA IV: Letters and Emails (4 hours)
BWA V: Reports and Proposals (4 hours) Microsoft Office Suite 2016 (40 Hours)
NPA I: Grant Writing (10 hours) Basic American Sign Language (15 hours)
Everyday Spanish –Vamanos! (12 hours) Speaking Spanish I (16 hours)
Speaking Spanish II (16 hours) Speaking Spanish III (16 hours)
Photoshop Basic (8 hours) Photoshop Advanced (8 hours)
Illustrator Basic (8 hours) InDesign Basic (8 hours)
Microsoft Access 2013: Basic (8 hours) Microsoft Access 2013: Intermediate (8 hours)
Microsoft Access 2013: Advanced (8 hours) Microsoft Project 2013: Basic (8 hours)
Mastering Microsoft Excel 2013 (40 Hours)  


(NOTE: Classes begin between the 14th and 17th of each month)

Achieving Success with Difficult People (24 hours) Administrative Assistant Applications (24 hours)
Administrative Assistant Fundamentals (24 hours) Worker’s Compensation (24 hours)
Certificate in Violence Prevention and Awareness (13 hours) Computer Skills forthe Workplace (24 hours)
Employment Law Fundamentals (24 hours) Fundamentals of Technical Writing (24 hours)
Individual Excellence (24 hours) Introduction to Microsoft Access 2016 (24 hours)
Intermediate Microsoft Access 2016 (24 hours) Interpersonal Communication (24 hours)
Introduction to Adobe Acrobat X (24 hours) Introduction to CSS3 and HTML5 (24 hours)
Introduction to Database Development (24 hours) Introduction to Microsoft Project 2016 (24 hours)
Introduction to Microsoft Publisher 2013 (24 hours) Mastering Public Speaking (24 hours)
Introduction to PC Security (24 hours) Introduction to PC Troubleshooting (24 hours)
Introduction to Windows 10 (24 hours) Keyboarding (24 hours)
Managing Customer Service (24 hours)  


Fundamentals of Budgeting for Nonfinancial Managers (20 hours) Business Writing: When English Is a Second Language (10 hours)
Communication Skills for Managers, Fifth Edition (20 hours) Interpersonal Communication Skills in the Workplace, Second Edition (10 hours)
Planning and Leading Productive Meetings (20 hours) Presentation Success: How to Plan, Prepare, and Deliver Effective Presentation (10 hours)
How to Plan and Manage Your Company Budget, Fifth Edition (20 hours) Coaching for High Performance (10 hours)
Fair, Square, and Legal: A Manager's Guide to Safe Hiring, Managing, and Firing Practices, Second Edition (20 hours) Fundamentals of Human Resources Management, Fourth Edition (20 hours)
Performance Appraisals: Strategies for Success (10 hours) Successful Interviewing: Techniques for Hiring, Coaching, and Performance Management Meetings (20 hours)
The Complete Training Course for Managers (10 hours) First Level Leadership: Supervising in the New Organization, Second Edition (20 hours)
Gaining Competitive Advantage with Shared Leadership Teams (20 hours) Leadership Skills for Managers, Fourth Edition (20 hours)
First-Line Supervision, Fifth Edition (20 hours) Getting More Done Through Delegation, Second Edition (20 hours)
How to Develop the Strategic Plan (20 hours) Managing and Achieving Organizational Goals (10 hours)
Performance Management (20 hours) Planning and Managing Change (20 hours)
What Managers Do (20 hours) How to Lead a Business Process Improvement Effort (10 hours)
TotalQuality Management (20 hours) Best Practice Workplace Negotiations (10 hours)
Interpersonal Negotiations: Breaking Down the Barriers (20 hours) Successful Negotiating (20 hours)
Asserting Yourself At Work (10 hours) Developing Basic Job Skills (10 hours)
Practical Problem-Solving Skills in the Workplace (10 hours) Skills For Success: A Guide for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants (20 hours)
Managing Multiple Projects (10 hours) Successful Project Management, Third Edition (20 hours)
How to Be an Effective Facilitator (10 hours) How to Build High Performance Teams (20 hours)
How to Make Teams Work (10 hours) How to Manage Your Priorities (10 hours)
Taking Control with Time Management, Fifth Edition (10 hours) How to Manage Conflict in the Organization, Second Edition (20 Hours)
How to Manage Training: Facilitating Workplace Learning for High Performance (20 Hours)