The Office of Training & Organizational Development

A Welcome Message

From Dr. Marc Boese, Executive Director of Training and Organizational Development

Marc Boese portrait“The aim of Training and Organizational Development is to engineer new and exciting ways for all College employees to enhance their career path and personal enrichment through one central access point. Through competency-based training and professional development for all faculty and staff, we gain the ability to hone the knowledge and skills necessary to perform assigned duties and responsibilities, while also forwarding the mission, vision and values of our College. It is our responsibility to ensure all faculty and staff have the resources necessary to cultivate an environment of growth, optimism and empathy. Our professional developmental opportunities will continue to expand in the areas of building student rapport, motivating and fostering student engagement, creating a positive classroom environment and looking at ways all faculty and staff can serve as stewards of our students’ success."

Physical Address

Administrative Offices
501 West State Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202