Center 4 Credentialing Excellence


Florida State College at Jacksonville's Center 4 Credentialing Excellence (C4CE) offers a digital credentialing platform for the promotion, encouragement, and recognition of valuable professional development achievements by FSCJ students and employees. Digital credentialing, often referred to as "badging," is widely recognized as a high-value documentation medium within higher education and business industries as a means to certify and promote the learning, skills, and competencies of individuals.

Key features include:

  • Verification of learning
  • Credible and secure credentials
  • A platform for the promotion of skills and capabilities
  • A conduit to career networking, team building, and economic mobility

How-To Guides

  • How to Earn a Badge

    FSCJ offers an array of digitally-credentialed professional development programs for students and staff.

    Explore the various certifications and begin earning badges at the following link:

  • How to View a Badge

    When you have been awarded a badge (as notified by your program facilitator), be sure to check your official College email and look for an email sent by "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." for the award notification. On this email, you have options to create your account and to download the badge.

    Please note: Once you arrive at the site destination specified by the email (, you may first have create a new account with your official College email address of which the badge was sent to. An option to use your FSCJ email account authentication is provided for your convenience, as well.

  • How to Share a Badge

    When a learner earns a digital badge, it represents more than a certification at the end of a training session or class; it’s a signal of success.

    Furthermore, when digital badges connect with verified skills and competencies, learners are intrinsically and extrinsically motivated to share those achievements online, especially when they align with employment opportunities. Every shared achievement also becomes an opportunity to celebrate the organization that issued that digital badge, and for that organization to make an impression.

    How to Share on an Outlook Email Signature

    Badge images can also be shared within your Outlook Email signature. You can also link the badge image to it's respective verification page so to ensure your readers that it is official. To learn how to do so, click here to review the Micro-learning course on this topic.

    How to Share on Social Networks

    You work hard on developing your skills, and everyone should know it. Click here to learn how to share your badges on social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  • How to Verify Learning

    Our badges are different from flat, digital stickers in that they contain immediately verifiable information. When a badge is awarded, metadata about the badge, recipient and issuer are baked and encrypted into the award. This makes FSCJ Digital Credentialing / Badging very difficult to fake, forge or copy.

    As a common sample use case scenario, a badge may be shared with a hiring committee (verifying authenticity) who could then immediately verify the badge issuer, recipient, date of award, and information about the award.

    How to Verify a Badge

    To learn how to verify your, or another's, digital badge, click here.

  • How to Submit a Request for an Official College Badge Design

    Does your area of the College have a great need to certify a learning and mastery of specific job-related competencies or skills? The review and approval process entails a 4-step process involving collection, approval, design and issuing. Please submit your ideas for a badge request at this link to begin the collection process. Please be prepared with a badge name, description, and earning criteria for earning the badge. Please review this document to understand more about the role of the Center 4 Credentialing Excellence and the process for credentialing.