Academy for Teaching & Learning: Programs

Academic Colloquia

The Academy provides a forum for faculty and staff to present and discuss knowledge and competencies gained from conferences, professional development workshops and/or sabbatical projects and recognizing the recipients of this year’s teaching awards.

Student Life Skills

The Academy delivers a professional, academic conference that inspires a joy of learning for FSCJ students and local high school students.

Faculty Inquiry Groups

Faculty inquiry groups meet in our Faculty Resource Centers to discuss current topics of interest in teaching and learning and to gather relevant information from departments throughout the college.

New Faculty Institute

This program supports faculty through competency-based professional development, focused on developing and integrating practical strategies into practice.

Adjunct Academy

The purpose of this program is to assist adjunct faculty with development in competency areas that will help promote effective instruction and student success. In order to ensure an extraordinary experience, enrollment is limited to 20 participants per semester. Upon completion, the adjunct faculty member will receive a one-time stipend of $500.

Mentor Commons

We offer Magna Publications 20-Minute Mentor Commons to all FSCJ faculty: An online resource offering online and on-demand, Collegewide, flexible, and accessible professional development.