Academy for Teaching & Learning: Programs


Academic Colloquia

The College supports a wide-variety of professional activity for faculty and staff, yet we do not always have the opportunity to share our scholarship or suggest applications for learning-centered teaching strategies to the college community.

To promote excellence in teaching and learning and to advance a college-wide culture of collaboration, the Academy provides a forum for faculty and staff to present and discuss knowledge and competencies gained from conferences, professional development workshops and/or sabbatical projects and recognizing the recipients of this year’s teaching awards.

Student Life Skills Conference

To provide a professional, academic conference that inspires a joy of learning for FSCJ students and local high school students.


The spring conference focuses on FSCJ and local high school students for day one and, then, on day 2, focuses on FSCJ and local high school faculty. The "student focus" day offers a variety of academic sessions for students to choose from, which is the magic of the conference. Students have a choice in their learning for a day. For example, if they want to learn about astronomy, or writing techniques, or service learning, there is a session to spark their engagement. Students also are exposed to the expertise of our faculty, so it serves as an excellent recruiting event for high school students in attendance. The "faculty focus" day offers sessions that focus on teaching strategies for multiple disciplines.

Full Description of Program

The purpose of the annual Student Life Skills Conference, which launched in 2013, is to inspire and ignite students and faculty in the FSCJ community. The SLS Conference brings together the following stakeholders: Students currently enrolled in SLS and other college courses, recent SLS graduates, faculty and college leaders dedicated to enhancing student success and retention, and experts in the areas of educational neuroscience and motivation. A conference brochure is produced each year with a new student-centered theme. Each session over the two-day conference promotes growth in awareness for learners and instructors by showcasing (1) the success stories of recent SLS alumni, (2) the wealth of available college resources, (3) techniques to help students reach their goals through self-awareness and efficacy, and (4) best practices in brain-compatible and psychological educational methods. This is intentionally delivered in 10 sessions: three keynotes and seven concurrent workshops. All attendees enjoy the opportunity to learn from students as role models, develop new approaches to promoting student achievement, and celebrate success in student performance. The students are offered a realistic conference experience in that they have the opportunity to choose which sessions to attend. Giving students a choice reminds them that they are active, participatory learners in their own education.

In the two-day format, day one is designed for a student audience. Students hear directly from peers who have used success strategies to their advantage in coursework and life. A master faculty member also delivers a keynote address intended to motivate students to turn their academic dreams into reality through action. Representatives from across FSCJ, including Student Life and Leadership, Academic Advising, and Libraries and Learning Commons, join the event to raise awareness about the vast array of support in all aspects of college life. The success of this event is evidenced by the fact that students from all campuses, centers and course modalities actively participate, and it is not uncommon to hear them sharing their enthusiasm and positive energies from the conference with each other throughout the day. Day two of the conference focuses on faculty and professional development in teaching student motivation and success strategies in all disciplines. On this day, faculty experts deliver inspiring, cutting edge keynote addresses to dual enrollment faculty and college faculty alike, aiming to promote impassioned and effective teaching and learning strategies with students across the learning spectrum. The overall goal of the SLS Conference is to promote and celebrate best practices in student success and retention at FSCJ.

Faculty Inquiry Groups

Faculty inquiry groups meet in our Faculty Resource Centers to discuss current topics of interest in teaching and learning and to gather relevant information from departments throughout the college.

Florida State College at Jacksonville provides high value and relevant life-long education that enhances the intellectual, social, cultural, and economic development of our diverse community. Faculty inquiry groups meet to discuss and share methods through which the values of the community can be effectively supported.

New Faculty Institute

This program supports faculty through competency-based professional development, focused on developing and integrating practical strategies into practice.

Program Elements
  1. To provide an orientation to FSCJ
  1. Faculty orientation
  1. To expand knowledge of pedagogical best practices
  1. Shared Articles
  1. To provide guidance in the continuing contract process
  1. Monthly roundtables
  1. To encourage academic curiosity
  1. Various Faculty Academy supported professional development opportunities
  1. To expose faculty to service opportunities
  1. To build a sense of community
Faculty Will
  • Explore the FSCJ Competency-based development model.
  • Complete the 4-hour Orientation.
  • Select and complete 4 hours of elective professional development courses from the attached list or from other options agreed upon between you and your mentor.
  • Complete the 2-hour Wrap-up.
  • Prepare an Individual Development Plan that addresses an identified student learning need connected to an FSCJ competency.
  • Complete the AMP (Analysis of my practice) document that includes one or more of the following and submit it to the Academy Director and dean/director:
    • A summary of how you will use the information from your professional development activities.
    • A sample of a classroom activity that you have implemented or plan to implement based upon your professional development activities.
    • Other options agreed upon between you and your mentor.
Adjunct Academy

Beginning in Spring 2018, the Academy for Teaching and Learning will host the Adjunct Academy program. The purpose of the program is to assist adjunct faculty with development in competency areas that will help promote effective instruction and student success. In order to ensure an extraordinary experience, enrollment is limited to 20 participants per semester. Upon completion, the adjunct faculty member will receive a one-time stipend of $500.

Upon successful completion of the Adjunct Academy program, adjunct faculty will: Present a Capstone project that demonstrates the ability to effectively use classroom techniques to deliver high quality instruction that addresses the core competencies of the college.

To complete the program successfully, the adjunct faculty member must complete the following requirements during a single semester.

  • Complete the 4 hour Cornerstone course
  • Select and complete 6 hours of courses in Learner-Centered Teaching Strategy
  • Select and complete 6 hours of courses from at least two of the following competencies: Professionalism, Resource Management, Scholarship or Social Justice and Inclusion coursework
  • Complete the 4 hour Capstone course

Note: All coursework must be complete before the Capstone Course.

Mentor Commons

We offer Magna Publications 20-Minute Mentor Commons to all FSCJ faculty: An online resource offering online and on-demand, Collegewide, flexible, and accessible professional development.

Click here to earn more about Mentor Commons.