The Academy for Teaching and Learning is proud to announce a partnership with "Packback Questions." As a result of strong FSCJ faculty and student satisfaction, FSCJ has formed a three-year partnership with Packback to provide use of their platform at no cost to instructors or students.

packback logoPackback Questions is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-supported online discussion platform focused on Socratic questioning. Students are challenged to post thoughtful questions and responses, receiving instant feedback on the quality of their posts via Packback’s “curiosity score.” The platform is equipped to save instructors time while maximizing an instructor’s impact.

Check out this recent Packback Webinar on the instant feedback function and mastery learning HERE.

What is Packback?

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What is the impact of Packback?

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To Adopt Packback

The first step in adopting Packback is to connect with our Packback Curriculum Consultant, Kathryn Stegeman, and request an information session. Select a time on her calendar, and she will follow up with a meeting invite.

Adding Packback to your Canvas Course

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National Events

This page includes information about all upcoming panels and national webinars which range in topic and attendees. There are also on-demand webinars:

In particular, we recommend watching the recorded webinar recording for ChatGPT and AI’s Effect on Community Colleges


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