How To: Request To Teach In Canvas In The Summer


Are you planning to teach in Canvas this summer? If so (as the Blackboard shells are already in place), you should follow the following steps in order to get a Canvas shell for you. This must be submitted by APRIL 1 for each course you want to teach in Canvas this summer or you will be using Blackboard instead:

  1. Log into MyFSCJ with your userid and password
  2. Select the “Technology Assistance” link under the “Available Resources” pane, which will take you to the Help Desk page and log in again with your userid and Password once again
  3. Close any POPUPS and select “HOME” on the banner at the top
  4. Under “Services” click the green tab for “Explore Services”
  5. Click “Canvas LMS”from the left menu panel
  6. Select “Teach in Canvas in the Summer 2019 Term”
  7. Make sure you indicate whether you are using a course master shell or your own that you will have to populate with your stuff (i.e. OER, Course master, or self-generated)
  8. Enter the course prefix and number you want to teach in Canvas in the summer and phone number in the form
  9. Hit ‘Submit’
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