Campus Solutions


Below are links that will help you get started with Campus Solutions. And, as you scroll further down the page, you will find training documents and videos on a number of topic areas within Campus Solutions.

FSCJ works to keep our training materials as up-to-date as possible. However, please be advised that periodic myFSCJ upgrades can sometimes cause changes not reflected in these materials. Specific questions about current functionality within myFSCJ should be directed to FSCJ staff for clarification.

To view documents and videos that orient students to Campus Solutions, go to the following link:




  • Campus Solutions Faculty Center Webinar

    In this video, you will learn about:

    • Accessing the Faculty Center
    • Viewing your Schedule Classes
    • Viewing the Class Roster
    • Entering Grades
    • Maintaining the Attendance Roster

    If you have any questions about the introduction to Campus Solutions, please submit a ticket to the IT Help Desk at HELP.FSCJ.EDU and click "Get Help." You can also call the Help Desk at (904) 632-3151.

  • Faculty Center Training Documents

  • Faculty FAQs

    1. I have classes that are encoded as a lecture and then laboratory. Do the students have to register for both? Are they graded separately?

    If a course offering has a lecture and a lab component, one section will be the enrollment section (typically the lecture). When a student enrolls in the enrollment section (usually the lecture), the system will automatically enroll them in the non-enrollment component (usually the lab). They are graded as one course offering.

    2. I saw a FERPA statement link. Does this contain information on whether I have permission to discuss their progress with their parents?

    No, this link only reiterates our FERPA policy. It does not indicate whether the student has given permission for their non-directory information to be shared. To discover if a student has given this permission, faculty members would need to contact their Dean.

    3. Can textbooks be adopted through PeopleSoft?

    Textbooks can be adopted directly through the EFOLLETT WEBSITE. There is a configuration that displays the textbooks on the Class Details in PeopleSoft.

    4. Is there a way to prevent 'double booking' a room (i.e. placing more than one class in the same room at the same time on the same day)?

    CollegeNet’s 25 Live system enables class schedulers to schedule campus space throughout the College. This will prevent double booking of rooms.

    5. How do we enter the last date of attendance for the FN grade?

    While you can enter the FN grade on the grade roster, the functionality for entering the last date of attendance is still being configured.

    6. How will we know if a student has paid for the class?

    In PeopleSoft students do not pay for classes individually, rather they pay for them all together. Therefore, there is no way for faculty members to determine whether the student has paid for that class within the Faculty Center.

    7. Will student pictures be included on the class roster and attendance roster?

    Faculty members can access a photo roster for each of their classes from their teaching schedule in the Faculty Center.

    8. Will faculty members have access to student phone numbers and personal email addresses?

    Faculty members will have access to students’ college email addresses, but not personal phone numbers and email addresses.

    9. Will faculty members have access to student transcripts?

    Faculty members will not have access to student transcripts in PeopleSoft.