Converting Face-to-Face Courses to Online: Where to Begin?

As all faculty work to transition our face-to-face courses online, consider what approaches would be most seamless for your students and realistic for you. One of the first possibilities to consider is, if you deliver course lectures, what tools are available in Canvas to deliver your content? 

Canvas Conferences can be used if you want to offer students remote, synchronous lectures, “meetings,” or Office Hours. These can be recorded and made available to students who could not “attend” the synchronous meeting. For training on how to use Canvas Conferences: 

Unlike Canvas Conferences, Canvas Studio would be for asynchronous lectures. You can create screen capture videos, which would be useful if you teach from Prezi or PowerPoint. You can record all of your lectures at one time, and then share them to your students in Canvas or via email with a hyperlink: 

Another possibility is, if you use cooperative or collaborative learning, how can Cavas help you facilitate group discussions. You may benefit from creating small groups. These groups can work synchronously through the small group Conference option or asynchronously through a small group discussion board. and

Canvas also has an extensive guide on how to use features such as Quizzes and the Gradebook  and 

FSCJ’s Educational Technology Department has a website with extensive resources for using Canvas and Canvas has a searchable Guide 

There are also resources for your students. The Educational Technology Department has developed an excellent overview of Canvas for students:

Please be mindful of the accessibility needs of our students as materials are transitioned to online:

Feel free to email the following Academy members or our Faculty Resource Specialists if you have particular questions regarding moving assignments or lectures online.  

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