Administrative Assistant Certificate


The Office of Training and Organizational Development proposes a certification program tailored to fit administrative professionals. The purpose of the program is to develop our administrative professionals for growth and advancement. The program consists of a mixture of topics related to technology, communication, and interpersonal skills.

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  • Curriculum

    Cornerstone Hours Capstone Hours
    PD 4063
    Career Path: Strategies for Success
    4 PD 6808
    Strategic Professional Development Capstone
    CORE COURSES (Choose 8 Hours)
    Course Hours Course Hours
    PD 4066
    Be an Owl: Tips on Effective Business Writing
    4 PD 5180
    Being an Effective Team Member
    PD 4065
    How to Communicate With Your Boss
    4 PD 5166
    Pests: What They Are and How They Invade Your Time
    ELECTIVE COURSES (Choose 4 Hours)
    Course Hours Course Hours
    PD 4042
    Dealing with Difficult People
    1.5 PD 9018
    Purchasing Guidelines and Requirements
    PD 5167
    Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce
    1 PD 5116
    Resiliency: Secrets of Successful Employees
    PD 5165
    Civility: Professionalism in the Workplace
    1 PD 5162
    Creating & Using Project Plans for Beginners
    PD 6402
    Conflict Management
    1 PD 5080
    Business Etiquette
    PD 1066
    2 PD 1022
    PD 1117
    Office 365
    2 PD 1023
    Advanced Excel
  • Completion Requirements

    To successfully complete the program, the staff member must:

    • Complete 8 hours of core courses
    • Complete 4 hours of electives
    • Complete the 8 hours of required courses (Note: All coursework must be complete before the Capstone Course)
  • How to Enroll

    To enroll in courses that are currently available for this program:

    1. Click the button below to log into myLearning and view the courses that are currently available for this program:

    View the Courses

    2. Hover your cursor over any course card. Click the "Enroll" or “View Session” button. Then click “Register.”

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  • How to Track Certificate Completion

    If you would like to track the courses you have completed for this certificate, log into myLearning ( and view the courses listed under the “Completed” section on the myLearning tab. You can compare your completed courses to the list of courses that are required for this certificate. Note: To see the full course titles, click the View icon at the top right of the screen and select “List”.

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