Active Learning Certificate


The Office of Training and Organizational Development offers an open access, self-paced program to provide professional development focused on engaging students through active learning practices.

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  • Curriculum

    Course Hours Course Hours
    PD 3048
    Andragogy and Metacognition: Using Research to Guide Your Teaching
    2 PD 3073
    Service Learning for Student Success
    PD 3304
    Active Learning Practicum (Note: All other courses must be completed prior to enrollment in this course)
    ELECTIVE COURSES (Choose 10 Hours)
    Course Hours Course Hours
    PD 6799
    Engaging Students Through Mastery Learning
    2 PD 6232
    Cooperative Learning in the College Classroom
    PD 6797
    Constructivist Learning: Encouraging Students
    2 PD 5216
    Improving Students Research Habits
    PD 3091
    Classroom Assessment Techniques
    2 PD 3112
    Escape the Dull Classroom: Tools to Engage Your Students (Live Training)
    PD 5305
    Approaches to Gamifying Learning
    2 PD 3192
    EOSE: Engaging Course Design
    PD 3154
    Webb’s DOK
    2 PD 3108
    Classroom Management Techniques
  • Completion Requirements

    To successfully complete the program, the staff member must:

    • Complete 5 hours of required courses
    • Complete 10 hours of elective courses
  • How to Enroll

    To enroll in courses that are currently available for this program:

    1. Click the button below to log into myLearning and view the courses that are currently available for this program:

    View the Courses

    2. Hover your cursor over any course card. Click the "Enroll" or “View Session” button. Then click “Register.”

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  • How to Track Certificate Completion

    To track your completion of this certificate program, log into myLearning ( and view the courses listed under “Completed” on the myLearning tab. In the search bar, enter the title of the certificate program. You can print this screen and email a copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. when you have completed all certificate requirements.

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