Leadership Academy


The FSCJ Leadership Academy is designed to enhance leadership skills and build upon existing components of the professionalism competency to propel employees toward being effective leaders. Improved leadership skills foster better employee engagement and retention while supporting the Mission, Vision, and Values of the College. In addition to coursework, participants will complete a 360 degree survey, DiSC assessment, and StrengthsFinder assessment.

This two-year program will entail 50 hours of course participation beginning with the Foundations of Leadership session and participants will have the opportunity to work with a mentor. This program is cohort-based and applications are accepted at the beginning of each Fall term.


  • Curriculum

    YEAR 1 REQUIRED COURSES (26.5 Hours)
    Course Hours Course Hours
    PD 5234
    Foundations of Leadership
    3 PD 5221
    Successfully Using Emotional Intelligence
    PD 5124
    Team Development
    3 PD 6807
    Understanding Self and Others
    PD 4080
    Strategic Planning
    3 PD 4069
    FSCJ Advocacy Project for Leaders
    PD 4083
    Building Relationships and Creating Communities
    6 PD 4082
    PD 1343
    Setting Goals and Reviewing Results
    YEAR 2 REQUIRED COURSES (23.5 Hours)
    Course Hours Course Hours
    Year 2 Retreat N/A PD 1299
    Continuous Quality Improvement
    PD 4081
    Cultivating Talent
    6 PD 1342
    Budget and Financial Outlook
    PD 1344
    Creativity and Innovation
    2 PD 1711
    Interest-Based Negotiation
    PD 5304
    Leading Out Loud
    3 PD 4068
    Legal Issues for Leaders
    PD 1340
    Institutional Accreditation
    1 PD 1341
    Change Management
    PD 1532
    Cultural Responsiveness
  • Completion Requirements

    To successfully complete the program, the employee must:

    • Complete 26.5 hours of required courses in Year 1
    • Complete 23.5 hours of required courses in Year 2
  • How to Enroll

    This program is cohort-based and applications are accepted every other Fall term. Applications (see below) are currently being accepted for the 2022-2024 cohort and are due to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on Thursday, September 8, 2022.

    Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

  • How to Track Certificate Completion

    If you would like to track the courses you have completed for this certificate, log into myLearning (https://bridge.fscj.edu) and view the courses listed under the “Completed” section on the myLearning tab. You can compare your completed courses to the list of courses that are required for this certificate. Note: To see the full course titles, click the View icon at the top right of the screen and select “List”.

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  • Digital Credential / Badging

    We provide a verifiable and secure digital credential for this certificate completion, symbolized by a badge that is sharable with career networks. The digital badge serves to signal achievement to current and/or potential employers; to motivate engagement and collaboration; and to build upon and formalize identity, reputation, and value within educational and professional communities.

    To learn how to earn, view, share, or verify a badge, click here for the "How-To Guides" at the Center 4 Credentialing Excellence webpage.

  • 2022-2024 Cohort

    • Yakup Bilgili
    • Brandi Bleak
    • Heather Carter
    • Stephanie Castro
    • Phillip Delacruz
    • Alexandra Diaz
    • Ashley Empleo
    • Lauren Finch
    • Kelly Harbert
    • Cathie Herzog
    • Michael Litchfield
    • Danyell Mack
    • Madison Owens
    • Linda Roy
    • Doreen Sterling
    • Brandy Williams
  • Alumni

    • Ashli Archer
    • Sarah Ashbrook
    • Vonnell Baggett
    • Christi Bisson
    • Kerri Burns
    • Alicia Byrd
    • Allan Case
    • Lori Cimino
    • Mary Lee Cunill
    • Samantha Davis
    • Myisha De Nose
    • Terri Dyer-Kramer
    • Kim Fahlgren
    • Herschel Finch
    • Monica Franklin
    • Tameiko Grant
    • Phenessa Gray
    • Jennifer Grey
    • Steven Gunter
    • Terry Hollingshead
    • Jeniah Jones
    • Jacqueline Kloin
    • Whitney Lafond
    • Judy Jones Liptrot
    • Mark Lynn
    • Dianne McAuliffe
    • Adeyemi Olaogun
    • Andrew Pierce
    • Louis Prothro
    • Sarah Reardon
    • Lorne Richardson
    • Barbara Schaefer
    • Pete Snell
    • Bryan Stewart
    • Eddy Stringer
    • Lisa VanZwoll
    • Jennifer Walls
    • Matt Wetzel
    • Scott Yaun