Technology Certificate


The Office of Training and Organizational Development is offering a Technology Certification program. The purpose of the program is to help staff advance their technology skills. Courses are designed to help participants build upon their technology competency.

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  • Curriculum

    REQUIRED COURSES (6 hours)
    Course Hours Course Hours
    PD 1022
    2 PD 1066
    PD 3180 
    *Introduction to MS Teams
    1 PD 3114
    Canvas at FSCJ: Basic Training
    PD 1302 
    *Cisco WebEx Meetings Training
    *Note: Choose either "Introduction to MS Teams" or "Cisco WebEx Meetings Training."
    ELECTIVE COURSES (Choose 9 Hours)
    PD 1172
    Excel Charts and Pivot Tables
    1.5 PD 1174
    Graphics Creations with Canva
    PD 1102
    Canvas Studio
    2 PD 3153
    Canvas Announcements, Discussions, and Assignments
    PD 3801
    Tools to Facilitate Collaboration
    2 PD 1023
    Advanced Excel
    PD 1067
    Advanced Sharepoint
    2 PD 3305
    Canvas: Beyond the Basics
    PD 1156
    2 PD 3529
    Youtube: A Complete Guide
    PD 1023 
    Advanced MS Teams
    1.5 PD 3181 
    Leading and Managing a Virtual Team Effectively
  • Completion Requirements

    To successfully complete the program, the staff member must:

    • Complete 6 hours of required courses
    • Complete 9 hours of elective courses
  • How to Enroll

    The following steps share how to log into myLearning, register for classes, and view registered classes.

    How to access myLearning

    1. Log into
    2. Click on the Employees Tab.
    3. Click on myLearning under Quicklinks.
    4. Log in using your FSCJ credentials.
    5. Alternatively, you can navigate to and log in using your FSCJ credentials.

    How to register for classes in myLearning

    1. Click on the Learning Library tab within myLearning
    2. Browse through the courses or use the search bar and filtering options to locate the class that you want.
    3. Click on the course card and select “Enroll.”
    4. If you are registering for a Live Training, you will also have to click identify the specific session that you want and click “Register” on that session.

    How to view completed classes in myLearning

    1. Access the myLearning page.
    2. Scroll down to the “Completed” section. This section lists all courses that you have successfully completed.

Required Course Descriptions

Canvas at FSCJ: Basic Training

PD 3114
This course introduces users to the basics of the Canvas Learning Management System, and is intended to provide the first steps into a new and exciting world of learning (for you and your students). Throughout this course, you will encounter videos, images, and explanations that are intended to help you master the basics of creating and administering a Canvas course through its lifecycle.

Cisco WebEx Meetings Training

PD 1302
This training will demonstrate how users can schedule their own WebEx meetings, learn the basics of meeting management, and use some of the advanced features available when leading WebEx meetings.


PD 1022
Topics covered will include creating an electronic spreadsheet by entering data, formulas and functions, formatting the data, printing, freezing titles and headings, sorting, protecting cells, using the AutoFormat, and creating all types of charts.

Introduction to MS Teams

PD 3180
Learn essential tools (Photoshop, Gimp, and others) and techniques to produce and enhance the clarity, meaningfulness, and purposefulness of static imagery as applied to business communication. The operation of photography devices is also demonstrated for understanding proper techniques.


PD 1066
Find out how to establish a SharePoint site for your department. Share announcements, documents, files and much more! Check out this "cloud based" tool and see how you can communicate and share resources with your colleagues.